Xyron Adhesive Solutions

a mess-free way to stick things together

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We hand-picked this because: these Xyron Adhesive Solutions practically need to be in a tool belt they're so handy. The sticky dots are perfect to add embellishments to your layouts, and the magnet tape is great for putting some preschool artwork on the fridge.

Adhesive Solutions Set Includes:

  • 1 - glue stick, wedge shape
  • 1 pkg - 3/8 inch dots
  • 1 pkg - 1/4 inch double sided tape
  • 1 - tape runner (.31" x 40')
  • 1 pkg - magnet tape

Glue Stick

The Xyron Glue Stick contains .8 ounces (22 grams) of permanent, non-toxic, acid-free glue. The adhesive gauge on the side shows you how much product remains so you don't run out when you need it the most! The cap easily inserts into the bottom of the stick for safe keeping while in use, and exposes the adhesive with a simple twist. The wedge shape also helps reach the hard-to-reach places.


Xyron’s New Adhesive Dots are made with premium, strong hold adhesive. This tough, long lasting resilient adhesive is designed for ease of application and handling. The specially designed disposable dispenser aids hands free application while protecting the roll from damage. Use these when you just need a “dot” of glue for craft, school and home repair projects. It works well on surfaces such as paper, plastic, wood, metal and foam for framing, mounting photographs, artwork, scrapbook pages and documents. Xyron Adhesive Dots holds 300 dots of 10mm width.

  • easy to use, lightweight and portable

Double Sided Tape

Xyron’s New Double sided High Tack tape is as strong as red liner tape, infamous for holding anything into place. It works well on heavy cardstock, paper arts, card making and much more. It can be torn easily by hand and comes in an ergonomically designed disposable dispenser. This unique package design not only protects the tape’s integrity but also aids in clean application. Use Xyron High Tack Double Sided Tape when you need the strongest hold with the least amount of fuss. It is sold in two different sizes that are acid free and photo safe. The compact dispenser holds 29 feet of ¼ inch tape.

  • easy to use, lightweight and portable
  • non-toxic acid free

Tape Runner

Great for applying a narrow strip of adhesive to die-cuts, paper, photos etc.; when and where you need it. Dot matrix pattern avoids "stringing" of the adhesive.

  • ergonomically desined for great control
  • easy drop-in style Refill
  • dot-matrix patterned, no gummy mess
  • includes 40 feet of adhesive

Magnet Tape

The ingenious design allows the tape to be dispensed easily and can be torn with your hands. Strong magnetic strength allows the Xyron magnet tape to be thinner than other magnets.

  • 3/4" wide x 300" (25') long

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