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Today we have a treat. The fabulous Heather Conklin is showing us her genius way to store her metal dies. I love this so much that I may make it just for a fun.

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Good Morning!! I wanted to share with you a super quick and easy way to not only store your metal dies, but also display them. I started with a piece of magnet paper. You can buy this in various forms, but since I didn’t want to spend any money, I just used what I had on hand, which was the Silhouette Adhesive Magnet Paper. There are printable versions and rolls that you could also use for this.

I wanted to maximize the storage space for my dies, and put some 8" x 10" photo frames I had laying around to use.

Use the back of the frame, or the glass to figure out the correct size for you magnet paper. Sometimes the size of the photo that goes in the frame is just a tad smaller than the magnetic paper, so you may need to do some trimming.

You want to lay out your materials in this order: backing (foam or cardboard-whatever was in the frame if you need it for cushioning), the paper that comes with the frame to double check the size, glass, THEN your magnet paper.

Once the magnet paper is in, it covers the glass and you can start placing your dies on it.

This is how the frame looks with a few dies on it.

I really like using easel frames for this, as once I take them off of the wall, I can stand them on my craft desk.

And when I’m not using my dies, the frames can add a bit of interest to my walls!

You can also attach adhesive magnet to your furniture or wall. This is my mother-in-law’s amazing craft room, and she attached roll magnet to her craft desk. AMAZING!

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