Farmhouse Paper 302 Collection

Today we have the awesome Sara Case Strickland with us to show off the project she made with Farmhouse Paper's 302 Collection. Her enthusiasm about this collection is contagious, I am almost sorry I sent it along and didn't keep it for myself.

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When the box of Farmhouse product showed up on my doorstep, I was thrilled and immediately had two ideas pop into my head. As I pulled everything out and started working with it, I was even more in love with it! Unfortunately, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to make all the projects I want to make! Today I’ll share three with you, but keep an eye out – I’m sure there will be more!

The chipboard pieces in this collection are super fun and vintage, and I want to use them all! As soon as I saw the clocks, I knew I had to make a layout they would fit into.

Aren’t they perfect? A great embellishment without being too big or taking away from the pictures.

These little words are part of the chipboard as well, and worked great on a label I trimmed into a flag:

I love, love, love Farmhouse sticker packs – you get a ton and they’re always great images! To me, the labels and days of the weeks were just begging for a mini album.

Once I had all the labels attached and noticed how much the pages looked like a file folder, I had to bind the album at the bottom, letting the pages fan out on top. I kept it simple inside, adding a one photo a day from last year’s Week in the Life project with Ali Edwards.

It’s a great way to have a quick overview of the week and still make a tiny album that my daughter can take with her.

Finally, I loved the pop of yellow in the BTW paper pack but it’s not a colour I would normally use. Luckily for me, my best friend has a daughter who loves that colour! I had a large wooden initial purchased for her that I hadn’t gotten around to altering yet and decided that now was the perfect time.

I punched hearts from the yellow patterned paper in the FYI paper pack and added more chipboard at the bottom, keeping the whole thing pretty simple.

Now I just have to do a letter for her sister, my god-daughter, before it looks like I’m picking favourites! 

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