My Mind's Eye Record It

We are all looking for ways to scrapbook quickly and easily. These days it also seems like everyone is trying the pocket page style of scrapbooking to save their memories. Now My Mind's Eye Record It is here, and can fulfill the need to save time, and the hankering for this new fangled crafting style. I really love bright and shiny things, so I was excited to try out the Charmed collection.

As I was digging through this collection, I loved all of the sentiments. They kept me thinking of things I should concentrate on more in my life. Love, happiness, and laughter are the things that make life worth living. With this in mind, I created a little flip book that will fit in my purse. I am hoping this will remind me of the things every day that make me smile. Check it out.

Here are some close ups of the pages. I attached them all together with a ring so I can add more as I go. Now I have a handy, portable way that I can keep track of funny and awesome things that happen each day in the Cloud family.

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