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Today we have another How To-sday from our design team member Charissa Miller. Charissa is a pro at using her Silhouette Die Cutting Machine. Check out how she creates cut files from her own handwriting.

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Hey everyone! Today I want to show you how you can turn your own handwriting into a cut file for your Silhouette. It is actually a very easy process and gives you lots of opportunities to add a bit of yourself to your projects.

First, you need to capture your handwriting. There are a couple of different ways to do this. The first way is that you can simply write with a black marker onto a white piece of paper. Write with a bold enough tip so that you will get a thicker line โ€“ remember you will be cutting this out! Once you have written your word and are pleased with the results, take a photo of your word with your phone or digital camera. Then email it to yourself or otherwise get it onto your computer.

The second option is to use a touchscreen device (tablet, laptop) to capture your handwriting, again saving it and emailing it to yourself or otherwise getting it on your computer. This is the method I used with my touchscreen laptop.

Once the image is on your computer, you will want to open it in a piece of software, such as Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, and save the image as a .png file. You will be able to open a .png in Silhouette Studio.

Open Silhouette Studio and select to open a file. You will have to select all files in the drop down menu to ensure that you can see your .png file you saved.

Once, you have the file open, you will use the Trace function in Sihouette Studio. The first step is to Select the Trace Area. This is done by simple clicking and dragging a box around your text.

Then it is time to actually trace. Before hitting the trace button, you want to make sure that you turn OFF the high pass filter โ€“ this can cause some crazy things to happen with tracing. For words where you want to trace both the inside and outside edges, you will select Trace.

Once you have traced your text, simply click and drag on the text and you will pull away the original image revealing your new cut file.

This next step is very important โ€” you want to make sure you add your new file to your library. Otherwise, you risk it disappearing. Once it is saved in your library, you will have it always available to you. Go into file and click Save to Library. From there you can name your file, mark key words, etc.

Once saved into your library, you can manipulate your new cut file like you would any other Silhouette file. I used mine to create the title โ€œpageโ€ for my word of the year album. I used the double side adhesive, so I could use glitter to actually make the word.

Hope this inspire you to add your handwriting to your projects with your Silhouette.


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Thanks Charissa! I absolutely love this idea and you did such a good job making it easy! Come back tomorrow for the next installment of our Rose Mid Week Mojo!

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