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Today we have another awesome How To-sday from our design team member Sara Case Strickland. I am always in awe by her creativity, maybe she can send me some?

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I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just want to play and not actually create something. When I get in those moods one of the products I’m most likely to pull out is the Ranger line of Alcohol Inks. They’re just fun!

There are so many things you can make and do with these but for today, I’m going to show you how to make a fun plaid background. The nice thing about this technique? It doesn’t matter what colours you use, you’ll always get a great result!

First, pull out your supplies:

I like to use three colours but I have used more and it works just fine. If you want white, just leave a blank space with no ink on the felt. To add the ink to the applicator I simply put the tip of the ink on the felt and draw a line straight across. Repeat this for all the colours you’re using.

Now, just drag the ink blending tool straight across your glossy cardstock, move down the paper and repeat until you have your piece covered in ink.

The next step is to turn your cardstock 90⁰ and repeat.

That quick and easy, you have plaid!

This is awesome for Christmas, naturally, as you can see in this old Layout I made for a class:

All I did was die cut the letters and they made a great focal point:

However, you can also leave the plaid piece intact and simply add it to a base for a simple but effective card front. Just stamp a sentiment and you’re finished – great for that last minute card you forgot to make! 

I hope you try this out and more than that, have fun playing with alcohol inks. If you want another idea, check out this technique post I did for a completely different look!

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Thanks Sara, so cool! Come back tomorrow for the next installment of our Iolite Mid Week Mojo!

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