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Today we have another fun How To-sday from our fab design team member Charissa Miller.

Design Team Fall/Winter

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share a tutorial on how to use masking fluid on your layouts. Masking fluid is a liquid rubber than once is dries on something resist all other paints/mediums. Then you can remove the masking fluid to reveal your title/design.

To start I used my Silhouette Cameo to design this title and little heart design. Since my printer can only do 8.5x11 I decided to do the whole layout as an 8.5x11 for ease, so I planned enough space to put the photo I wanted to use on the cardstock on which I printed the title design.

Then I used the cheapest paintbrush I own – this is important because masking fluid is a rubber and has a habit of ruining brushes, so don’t use a good brush, the cheaper the better – and I filled in the title and hearts with the fluid. I painted slowly to make sure it was as neat and close to the actual shapes as possible, but it won’t be perfect and I’m okay with that.

Then I took watercolors and just went to town. This example ended up NOT being the one I used on my final layout, but the process is the same. The masking fluid dries quickly – by time I had finished painting the masking fluid onto the title, I was able to start painting the top of the layout.

Let your watercolor or other medium dry COMPLETELY before attempting to remove the masking fluid. The paper is fragile while wet so it is more easily damage if you remove the masking fluid too early. Once dry, take a pencil eraser and rub it over the masking fluid to remove. I go letter by letter, shape by shape, but you could try just quickly rubbing the eraser over the whole page to remove the fluid. But I find I do more damage to my paper that way.

Here is the finished layout. I went back and redid the title/background using a Mister Huey’s mist instead of watercolors, but the process was exactly the same. The paper actual suffered a bit more damage on this attempt, but I actually really like the distressed look.

From there I build my layout, with this photo that I just thought was absolutely perfect for the title quote. I used some of Carta Bella’s Wildflower (a past steal) to embellish the layout.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and get some masking fluid and try your own projects with it!!


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Thanks Charissa! Come back tomorrow for the next installment of our Iolite Mid Week Mojo!

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