Faster and cheaper shipping to Canada

You all know we are famous for our lightning-fast shipping.

We are overjoyed to announce new, faster shipping to Canada across all websites!

Not only that, shipping rates will be lower on many steals as well, based on weight and value. Packages will be delivered to your door by Canada Post via Puro Air and Puro Post and with these services, duties and taxes are paid up front, so you will not have any amount due upon delivery. Your jaw will drop when they arrive at your door in 4-10 days!

We are excited to provide customers both options — to choose to pay everything upfront and get it fast or pay a cheaper rate initially for slower service and take the chance of additional charges upon delivery (which would could result in a higher overall cost).

With our new method, we are sending even more joy in the form of speedy delivery and savings on shipping from a name you know!

Please note: These new shipping rates may cause Steals Mania. Steals Mania may lead to increased joy, jubilation, gaiety, and glee. Should your level of bliss alarm your relatives or coworkers, Steals Mania is not harmful and can be safely shared.

As always, if you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to connect with us here.

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