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Today we have a fabulous How To-sday from our design team member Charissa Miller. Today is Charissa's first post as an official Design Team member. We have gotten to enjoy her work over the years as a fan, now we get to see it more often, yay!

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A very lovely Tuesday everyone! Today I wanted to share with you a fun way to create a stitched title on your page. There are lots of lovely stitching templates out there, but they aren't always the font you want. Using your home printer and some word processing software, you can create the perfect title in the perfect font for your project.

I wanted to use the word Wish as part of my title, so I typed it out in a big font size, using my word processor’s rulers to estimate the size. Then I just started playing with different fonts until I found the one I liked. Once I had it picked I printed it out.

Once printed, I trimmed it down to a smaller size so it is easier to manipulate around the page. I built 95% of my layout and then placed the paper where I wanted the word, then I punched it. I use my brad setter to poke the holes, but any paper piercer will work.

For words like this, I stitching them more or less how I would write them, that way I don’t make a mistake. I use a typical back stitch the whole way and just follow the holes as if I was using a pen. If I run out of thread part way, I just tie it off and start a new piece.

Here is how it looks completed. This is a very delicate font so I did only one punch, but you can always do outlines around the edge of a letter to create bubble letters.

Here is how the whole layout came together with the stitched title part on the bottom. I kept the rest of my title more blocky (and not stitched) so the word Wish would really stand out.

With all of the fonts available for free anymore, you can create a stitching template in just about any style you can imagine! Hope you enjoy this how-to and cannot wait to see your homemade stitching template creations!

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Thanks Charissa! Come back tomorrow for the next installment of our Citrine Mid Week Mojo!

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