How To-sday | Alter Your Clip It Up

Our Summer/Fall Design Team is winding down and we are preparing to choose a new team. We are looking forward to a new team and a new set of How To's each week. While we are waiting for that, I have gathered some ideas for using your Clip It Up Organizational Units. We all love these organizational units to store our embellishments, especially our Thickers, but check out how some of Clip It Up's design team have altered theirs.

Altering items is always fun, I have only altered books and frames and such. Misty from the design team over at Clip It Up altered hers to create a show piece to honor her grandmother.

Audrey from the Clip It Up Design Team altered hers to celebrate her daughter's birthday. It ended up being a great place to hold the cupcakes and party favors.

Now get your Clip It Up and use it for something different.

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