An Intro to Lifestyle Crafts Cutting Dies

There are many types of personal die cutting products out there. Choosing what fits best for you is hard sometimes. Today I wanted to share what is so great about Lifestyle Crafts Cutting Dies.

A Lifestyle Crafts cutting die is a wafer thin, 100% steel, chemically etched template that "punches" or cuts a shape out of cardstock, felt, vinyl, fabric and other paper goods and materials. Lifestyle Crafts cutting dies are universal and work in most leading die-cut machines.

Place your cutting die with design side up on the cutting platform.

Place paper or other material over die and cover with cutting mat.


Roll the platform through the Evolution (or other craft tool), and pop out the die cut.

Here's what your paper die cut will look like!

Now, there are lots of ways to cut things, with scissors, with individual punches, with a digital system, but here is why using Lifestyle Crafts Dies are a great choice!

No more tedious, inconsistent and time consuming
hand cutting with scissors or a craft knife.

Easily cut out multiple shapes with precision using a Lifestyle Crafts cutting die.

Digital cutting tools create a raw, unfinished edge.

Lifestyle Crafts cutting dies are designed to leave a smooth, embossed edge on your cut out shape.


Lifestyle Crafts Dies are compatible with the Cuttlebug, Big Shot, Vagabond, Fiskars Fuse, Epic 6, Revolution and Evolution personal die cutting machines. Check out some of the things you can make!

A big thanks to Lifestyle Crafts Creative Ideas website for helping us compile all of the information and the projects.

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