Xyron 900 Creative Station

So it's Friday again (yay!) and today we have a treat. With the back to school season upon us, today's steal Xyron 900 Creative Station is the perfect back to school supply. Great for school projects, posters, and of course scrapbooking, you won't be sorry for adding this to your tool kit.

We are thrilled to feature some projects from Xyron's design team today using the 900 Creative Station. Take a look, get a little inspired, and enjoy!

First, take a look at Sharon Callis and what she has created. Be impressed, I totally am.

Yes that wedding cake is made out of paper, totally impressive. Check out Sharon's how to on her blog here. Let's look at this cake close up. I honestly think I may give this a try.

For all of you over-achievers out there, and I know there are a ton, check out Sharon's tissue box cover - again perfect for the back to school season!

Again, Sharon has created a how to for this project, check it out here. She made a bunch of back to school stuff, who is going to make this stuff too? (me)

We also have a great project from Ann CorbiereScott. You can see more info on the project here.

We have even more inspiration from Linda Neff. Her altered projects are truly inspiring.

Last but not least, Marji Kemper uses the Xron 900 Creative Station to create her Art Journals, simply stunning. Check out her blog for more inspiration and details about this project.

Make sure to come back on Monday for another edition of Monday Craft Madness

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