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We are excited to feature Silhouette Fabric Ink and Interfacing today. Our friends at Silhouette have helped us compile a great How To-sday on using the fabric ink.

First choose your image either from the Silhouette Online Store or from your saved images. Here they chose the pirate. Click on your image and add it to your artboard.

The next step is to cut it out. Choose the vinyl settings, load your stencil vinyl into the silhouette and hit cut!

Once that is finished, take away the shape leaving the negative space to act as your stencil. There is a hook that comes with the starter kit you can use to help with this process.

Once that is done, place the transfer tape on top of the vinyl stencil. Use the scrapper tool to press the transfer tape to make sure of a good bond.

Next it's time to prep your fabric. Squeeze a small amount onto the ink tray. Here they used the distressing sponge to create a grungy pirate. Because the distressing sponge is so large, you can cut it into smaller pieces so its easier to use.


Peel away the transfer tape & vinyl sencil from the vinyl backing and place it where you want on your fabric. Use the scrapper again to make sure a good bond exists between your fabric and your stencil.


Now peel away the transfer tape.


Dab your sponge into the fabric ink and pat off the excess. This will help control your 'grunge' feel.

Once you have achieved the look you want, let your fabric ink sit for 20 minutes. Then peel away your stencil to reveal your shape. When your project is completely dry, iron the fabric to set the ink.

What an adorable little onsie that could be used for your little Halloween-lover.

We had a couple of our scrapbookSTEALS fans send some pics of projects they have made as well. Thanks to Erin Shultz for sending this super cute easter top on her daughter.

And thanks to Cyndee Kawa for sending her onsie options. So cute, it almost makes me want to have another baby...almost.

Make sure to give the fabric interfacing a try as well. Easily create tons of projects including cards, home decor, and shirts like this one created by Cristine Redmond. I think I may need her to make me one too!


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