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Our awesome design team member Staci Jones is back today with a tutorial on making bows. I know I struggle with this and was thrilled when she created this how to. Today's steal American Crafts Neon Ribbon is a perfect set of ribbon to use to make these bows.

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Ribbon- everybody has it and probably too much of it. I am definitely a ribbon hoarder and can't pass on the cute stuff. It is also something I usually forget to use on my layouts so I end up with a ton. Because it is CHA time again, I have been checking out the new releases. American Crafts new Dear Lizzy Line "Polka Dot Party" really caught my eye, especially the bows that are included in the collection. I definitely have enough ribbon and decided to make some bows for a layout and other projects.

Grab whatever ribbon you'd like and cut it whatever length you want- the longer the ribbon, the bigger the bow.

Here is a little photo series of how I do it, specifically if only one side of the ribbon is printed with the pattern.

After I crossed the ribbon ends, I just pushed the center of the loop down in the last picture.

In the first picture, I just flipped the bow over to glue the ribbon on the back side. Be sure to hold it down with your fingers as you apply the glue so it won't come undone.

Here are some fun things to do with the bows:

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Thanks Staci! These are super cute bows and I can't wait to try them! Make sure to come back tomorrow for the next installment of our Aquamarine Mid Week Mojo!

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