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Our design team member Candace Zentner is back today with a fantastic tutorial on creating rosettes. These great dimension-adding embellishments don't need to be intimidating. Use this tutorial to help bring these into your everyday crafting.

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Hey there fellow craft lovers! Thanks for stopping by for another How Tosday! Today I am going to show you all how to make one of my very favorite embellishments – rosettes. I use these ALL the time on my projects. I love that all it really takes to make them is a strip of pattern paper, and they add so much texture and dimension!

To start, cut a strip of paper. My strips are usually 12” long and anywhere from ½” to 1” wide (the wider the strip, the larger the diameter the rosette will have). Using a scorer (I use a Martha Stewart score board), add score lines every ½” along the strip of paper.

Fold the strip of paper accordion style along the score lines.

Using adhesive (I find a glue gun works the best), adhere the ends of the strip together, making a loop out of the strip of paper

Lay the loop of paper down flat on a surface, pattern side facing down.

To make the rosette stay flat, add adhesive to a small scrap of paper and place onto backside of rosette. Hold scrap paper down on rosette until adhesive dries.

Flip rosette back over and add embellishment to cover the center.

Some examples of embellishments to use are buttons, bows, graphics, etc. I used a die cut with two images stamped on it.

Add rosette to your project!!

Rosettes are a quick, inexpensive way to create your own embellishments that match perfectly with your projects! I hope my tutorial has inspired you to make some of your own. Happy crafting and thanks for stopping by!

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Thanks Candace! I will be putting this tutorial to work on my own projects. Make sure to come back tomorrow for the next installment of our Mid Week Mojo Aquamarine Series!

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