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Peridot– Week 7 of 10

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When I saw the Dewey Decimal Collection from Lawn Fawn, it made me smile. Visions of me in the library in elementary school looking up books in the card catalog (you know you remember those) came rushing to my mind. Then I had to write down the location in my notebook (because we couldn't take the cards away with us) and scour the library for the book I needed. I am sure happy someone invented the search engine. But I digress...when I saw Dewey Decimal, I thought the perfect photos to go with it would be the cute preschool graduation photos from little June. Check out my layout:

Peridot 7 Junes-PreschoolGraduation-6333

Here's the sketch:

The included alphabet stickers are the perfect size for making your title.

Peridot 7 Junes-PreschoolGraduation-6337

The other sticker sheet includes super cute words, borders and more!

Peridot 7 Junes-PreschoolGraduation-6336

I was able to fuss cut out the retro typewriters to create die cuts. (I won't mention the memories those typewriters brought up)

Peridot 7 Junes-PreschoolGraduation-6338

Enjoy the retro style of Dewey Decimal Collection from Lawn Fawn. It is perfect for retro projects or current projects.

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Now for this week's winner... Charissa Miller!

Charissa Miller Winner Peridot 6

I LOVE how you did the sketch even without pictures. So awesome. Way to get your crafty on!

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