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As we continue our Spring/Summer Design Team How To-sday posts, we have an awesome How To from Design Team member Staci Jones. Staci is teaching us how to make 3-D paper flowers perfect for our layouts, cards or even an arrangement you won't need to water.

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I am telling you, I am obsessed with my Silhouette cameo! Lately I have been making tons of paper flowers. I did some for thank you gifts, congrats bouquets, and Mother's Day. After the flowers were put together on the floral wire stem, I wanted a nice finished look.

I love to collect lots of pretty ribbon, but I find myself using it less and less. This is a great way to use your stash. The floral wire was bought at my local craft store and is about 14 inches long. I cut it in half for this flower, but if you have a big bouquet, you could leave them long.

Since there a quite a few steps, I put the photos in collage to staci jones paper flowers 1

1. Starting in the top left, you have your flower attached to the floral wire. Fold the bottom of the wire into a loop.

2. Wrap the washi the entire length oh the wire. (I do this so the wire won't separate and also so it won't snag the ribbon.)

3. Thread ribbon through the wire loop on the bottom, leaving enough of a tail to comfortably tie a bow.

4. Wrap the ribbon around stem and the ribbon tail. Be sure to overlap the overlap. (How much you overlap is up to you, the greater the overlap, the more ribbon you will use.)

5. Keep wrapping until you are at the desired location for the bow. Fold down tail over wrapped area and then do a couple of wraps above tail.

how to staci jones paper flowers 2

6. After a couple of wraps, pull the ribbon to the top of the wire, right under the flower. Start wrapping the ribbon back down to the tail. (Be sure to overlap the ribbon.)

7. Once you reach the tail, wrap closely around it and then underneath it (over the ribbon already wrapped. (You will do is a couple times and should end up right next to the tail.)

8. Cut ribbon to desired length and then make a bow. You are done!

how to staci jones finished flower

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Thanks Staci! I am ready to give this a try since I always let the flowers in my house die. Be sure to come back tomorrow for another Mid Week Mojo!

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