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Today's How To-sday post comes from the fabulous Charity Hotrum. I have admired her style for quite some time now. I even got to meet her in person at the Mall of America last year. Charity and Judy took one of the classes I taught. Hanging out with them was definitely a highlight from my trip!

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Here we go, check out what Charity has created.

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Circular Window

Layering circle cut frames of cardstock makes a great base for a one-of-a-kind layout. Add a little scrapbooking mist and you'll discover how easy it is to distress and curl your paper in one easy step.

Supplies needed:


How Tosday Charity 1

Step 1:Cut a 9.5 inch circle from the exact center of the back of a sheet of cardstock.

How Tosday Charity 2

Step 2:Lay the cardstock over the dinner plate and spritz the edge of the circle.

How Tosday Charity 3

Step 3:Turn the cardstock over and curl the edges of the circle away from the hole.

Step 4:Cut a 9.5 inch circle from the exact center of a second piece of cardstock.

How Tosday Charity 4

Step 5:Layer the three sheets of cardstock so that the misted sheet is on the top and the uncut sheet is underneath. Attach the stacked cardstock with the brads.

Step 7:Stitch around the edge of the circular window, add photo, and embellish.

How Tosday Charity 5

Stop by this blog post for more info.

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Thanks for sharing Charity! What a cool effect for a layout! Be sure to check back tomorrow for the start of our new Mid Week Mojo Peridot Series.

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