American Crafts Zing Embossing Powder Tips and Tricks

American Crafts Zing! Embossing Powder is perfect for adding color and dimension to your projects. Zing! isn't ordinary embossing powder, it is the most even, opaque and vivid embossing powder available. Now, I am the first to admit I don't stamp and emboss nearly enough in my projects. I love the effect, but am sometimes scared to use it! I've gathered some tips and tricks (most of them from the awesome Kristy Lee's ScrapbookSteals projects) to embossing and hopefully we will all use it more often. ;)

Products Needed:

Embossing Supplies


Embossing is actually a pretty simple, three-step process:

  1. Stamp your image using Versamark Ink or another pigment ink product. tip: if using a pigment ink, make sure to use one in the same color family as your embossing powder
  2. Dump the embossing powder onto the inked image and tap off excess. Make sure to get rid of all excess embossing powder so you don't have any stray melted powder on your project. tip: rub a used dryer sheet over your project to help reduce static
  3. Hold the heating tool 6-7" away from your project heat powder until it begins to melt. Once your powder melts, move the heat away quickly to avoid warping. tip: allow heat tool to warm up prior to melting the powder. This helps reduce over-melting and burning paper

That's it!

Today's embossing powder is perfect for projects on black or dark papers.

zing embossing powder projects

I have challenged myself to use embossing more often. The process can seem daunting, but is actually really simple! Good luck to all of us.

Make sure to check back on Monday for our Monday Craft Madness #22!

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