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You may have noticed the past few posts have had a <3 Melodee at the end... That's right, our dear Melodee Cloud has returned! If you've been a ScrapbookStealer since the beginning, you might remember Melodee was the first buyer. And if you're new, you're coming in as she's returning! You'll see her creations each week on the blog.

We asked Melodee to answer these questions for a fun little Get To Know You. We'd love if you answered these questions in a comment so Melodee can get to know our amazing community!

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Meet Melodee Cloud ScrapbookSteals Blogger

Where do you live? Salt Lake City, UT

What is your favorite thing to make? I love making just about everything! My favorite is probably mini albums. It gives me a chance to feel like I have completed a project. I love to be able to show off something actually completed.

Do you have kids? I have three kids - Samantha (17) a senior in high school. A very confident personality who won't take grief from anyone. She is very loyal and protective of her family, I am so proud of her. Elizabeth (16) is like my clone (poor her). She keeps us laughing every day, but can be so loving and serious. Nicholas (13) my baby who isn't a baby anymore. Our family revolves around his football team every autumn and we love every minute of it.

If you could travel anywhere (and scrapbook it) where would you go? I love to travel, but I am not a good sight-seer. I've never had an urge to travel to Europe or Asia to see all the great sights, too much walking for me. My dream trip would be to the Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Everything close by and a vacation of sitting by the pool and relaxing.

What is your favorite scrap collection? It's really hard for me to pick a favorite! I have been in and around scrapbooking for the past 12+ years and love so many things. My favorite is probably tools. I know it's not a collection but I love trying out new tools every time they are available.

If you were locked in a room and forced to scrapbook, what tool would you have to have and why? Oh, picking just one is way too hard! Even with a gun to my head I would still need to bring tons of supplies. I love to layer things so if I had to choose it would be pop dots. I love to add dimension to every project.

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