Imaginisce i-magicut Ribbon Cutter

Winter Design Team member Lisa Spiegel is back with us today for her final, awesome reveal! Lisa got to work with the Imaginisce i-magicut Ribbon Cutter and she shows us just how easy this tool is to use. Super cute projects - you rocked the product again!

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Imaginisce i-Magicut Ribbon Cutter is designed to safely cut and seal ribbon so that it doesn't fray. It works very simply by flipping the on switch, then placing your ribbon in the cutter. There is a thin wire that heats to cut and seal your ribbon...simply lay your ribbon in the cutter, lining it up with the markings for a perfect cut. Here I have laid the ribbon diagonally for a slanted cut.

Imaginisce Ribbon Cutter with Lisa Spiegel
And here I folded the ribbon in half for a dove tail cut. (I did have to cut through the wire on this ribbon after the ribbon was cut/sealed)
Imaginisce ribbon cutter with Lisa Spiegel
And I created this little friendship corsage for a package top (or even to wear- it has a clip on the back) with these ribbons.
Imaginisce ribbon cutter with Lisa Spiegel
Just cut your ribbons, layering as you go, gluing inbetween layers. I topped it with a sequin and gem and stapled some more ribbon to hang from the back..easy peasy.
Just to demonstrate the difference between cutting with scissors, I had to try it, and sure enough.. the cut with my scissors is on the left, and the cut with the Imaginisce i-Magicut Ribbon Cutter is on the right.
Imaginisce i-magicut Ribbon Cutter on
Big difference, isn't there?
I was having so much fun cutting ribbons that I then created this little ribbon wand..
Imaginisce ribbon cutter with Lisa Spiegel
and a close up of the perfectly cut ribbon ends...
Imaginisce ribbon cutter with Lisa Spiegel
Simply cut ribbons of varying lengths using your i-Magicut and tie them off in the middle with some twine. I knotted a button the the bottom of each piece of twine and put a small dowel or skewer through the ribbons, gluing for security. I added a little mist to my skewer to make it glimmer. :)
Don't miss out on this great is such a wonderful little tool, every crafter should have one!
I just want to take a moment to thank Brittany and Kerys and the ladies on the Spring Team with me for a great term! It's been so fun working behind the scenes with Scrapbook Steals and hope to again someday!

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Thank you so much Lisa! I can't believe this is your last Friday project post as Winter Design Team Member. Thank you for sharing with us all of your amazing projects and talent over the last 3 months - I know I've had a blast!

Thanks for stopping by everyone and be sure to tune in again on Monday for a new Monday Craft Madness!

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