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Today's How To-sday comes to you from Winter Design Team member Cristine Redmond. Cristine shows us just how easy it is to make your own faux chalkboard cards. It truly is a piece of art!

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Using chalkboard art on cards and other various projects seems to be all the rage right now. Today I am going to show you how easy it is to put together a chalkboard piece to add to your cards. DIY handmade tutorial on chalkboard art with Cristine RedmondHere are the basic supplies you'll need:
- black cardstock (scraps are great for this)
- white stamp pad
- white gel pen
- ruler (optional)
- make up sponge (not pictured - oops!)

For my first card, I just wanted to add a smaller chalkboard piece to a card, so I used my Cameo to cut out the tag shape.

09cef38e2a5edc727bf34324df77f4ed.jpgNext, I used a make up sponge to lightly apply ink all over the tag. I have used pigment, dye and chalk ink for this step, and I have found chalk ink to be the most forgiving. Pigment and dye inks get saturated into the sponge so they tend to leave more ink on the paper and are harder to blend in. Chalk ink just seems to work better for this purpose.


If I want to add a bit more definition to the eraser marks, I use a dry, stiff paint brush to add some ink, then I use the sponge to smooth them out a bit.

At this point, I like to add a border around the tag with my white gel pen to give it more of a finished look.


Add a stamped sentiment and/or image with white ink (I used dye ink for this step) and it's finished!


Here is a picture of the finished card:


I decided to make another card that uses the chalkboard piece as the main part of the card. For this, I cut a larger piece of cardstock and used my corner chomper to decorate the top corners.

DIY handmade tutorial for chalkboard art by Cristine Redmond

I added the chalk ink just as I did in the steps above, then added the border.

DIY handmade tutorial for chalkboard art by Cristine Redmond

I decided to make a bigger statement with this card, so I used a bunch of cute sentiments on a bigger stamping block and then stamped them on to the card with dye ink. Here is a picture of the finished card:


Making chalkboard pieces is such an easy thing to do and adds so much to your cards. I hope I've inspired you to try making one for yourself!

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Cristine, thank you so much for sharing with us today! I LOVE the idea of a chalboard card! Thank you so much for all of your ideas and inspiration over the last three months!

Have a great day and be sure to stop by tomorrow for an all new Mid Week Mojo sketch with a Guest Designwer - Amber #5!

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