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With the holidays upon us, today's How To'sday by Charity Becker comes at a perfect time. This crafty genius has come up with a way to create a darling octagon gift card holder using transparencies.

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Octagon Gift Card Holder

As the holidays approach I begin my Christmas gift planning. With relatives in so many different states it is more economical to send gift cards than wrapped packages. But how does a dedicated gift wrap artist endure the hideous look of plastic cards jammed into an envelope? WELL! Have I got an answer for you! Follow these instructions and you too will ditch the high cost of package shipping for the fun of papercrafting!




Step 1) Cut 6 4x4 inch squares from patterned cardstock. For best resultes choose 1 dark color and 1 light color, and cut 3 squares from each.
Step 2) Cut 3 transparencies into 4x4 squares.
Step 3) Choose a corner and mark the square 3/4 inch in on either side of the point. Connect these marks with a diagonal line and cut off the resulting triangle. Repeat this step for each corner of the 6 cardstock squares and 3 transparency squares.
Step 4) Turn the 3 dark octagons over and mark a line 1/2 inch from all 8 edges. Highlight the inside lines as shown in the following photo. Cut along this line with a craft knife. This will be the frame for the transparency.

Step 5) Adhere frontside of transparency to backside of frame then add brads at top corners for stability.
Step 6)Place one strip of foam adhesive on either side of the transparency at the back, just below the top brads.

Step 7)Place one strip of tape runner adhesive along the bottom edge of the transparency at the back.
Step 8) Place backside of transparency over light colored octagon. Add brads to lower corners for stability.


Step 1) Cut 6x12 inch piece of cardstock. Score at 3inches from each side, then at every 1/2 inch inbetween. There will be 13 score lines total.
Step 2) Fold cardstock so that there are 6 ridges on the top side.
Step 3) Pierce the ridges 1/2inch in from each edge then at every inch inbetween. There will be 6 piercings total.

Step 4) Sew the first two ridges together, adding page one at the second and third holes. Lace the twine up and back down so that there is a solid line of stitches on either side.

Step 5) Sew the second two ridges together, adding page two at the third and fourth holes.
Step 6) Sew the third two ridges together, adding page three at the fourth and fifth holes.


Step 1) Cut a 7x9 inch piece of cardstock. Score at 4.25 inches from each end.
Step 2) Score 1/4 inch line around the perimeter of the piece of carstock. Fold each edge in.

Step 3) Adhere completed hinge to inside center of cover.
Step 4) Cut 2 pieces of cardstock 6.25x4.25inches. Adhere to inside cover on either side of the hinge.
Step 5) Fold scored edges over these pieces of cardstock and adhere.

Embellish front and inside of gift card holder.
Place one or more gift cards in each page and ship to your astounded relatives!

Please stop by my blog and take a look at how I embellished my gift card holder and leave me a comment. I'd love to know you visited.

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Charity, you honestly blow my mind. I'd love to take a little crafty vacay in your brain and see what makes you work! Or I'd like to be one of your relatives. ;)

Thank you so much! If you have an idea that you'd love to see featured on the ScrapbookSteals blog as a How To'sday, we'd love to see what you have. Please send photos and text to kristy@steals.com.

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