Fiskars Squeeze and Lever Punch | Monday Card Madness #103

Who said exercise has to make you all sweaty and stinky? Not me! In fact, I'm thinking today's steal, the Fiskars Squeeze and Lever Punches, might just become the next hot fitness trend. Let's face it, we busy ladies like to multitask! So why not combine crafting with strength training, even if it is just those forearms getting an itty-bitty workout? Your projects will also be transformed into something sleek and sexy with one of these amazing punches, so it's a total win!

I had so much fun working with the punches today that I couldn't settle on one particular sketch design. However, I don't want to leave you all longing so I created this week's sketch based off my favorite card this week.

I love how easily the banner squeeze punch works. It's honestly kind of like slicing through room temperature butter! So much for building those muscles, but hoorah for building cute cards!

Of course the banners were calling to be used again...

...and again!

Then I made a couple of cards using the Jenni Bowlin Grandma's Doily punch. It works great to create a window border.

Or to add a simple splash.

Gotta love a card that packs a punch! :)

The cards that have been popping up on our Facebook page this week have been amazing! I particularly loved this card by Charissa Miller.

Just in case you didn't know we love to give away free scrappy swag to those of you that participate in our Monday Card Madness sketches.

If you’d like to enter to win our September Monday Card Madness swag package:

Have fun creating cards this week!

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