Pink Paislee Indigo Bleu | Monday Card Madness #102

Here's a little secret for you: for 39 years of my life I thought bleu cheese had to be about the most vile thing on the planet. Over this past year my taste buds have finally awoken to the glorious taste! (Or perhaps I'm just a little more sophisticated in my older age.) ;)

Luckily it didn't take 39 years to appreciate the beauties of today's steal, the Pink Paislee Indigo Bleu collection. The relaxing blend of yellows and blues with the twist of a little French flair is perfect for paper crafting.

I let the design of my cards be inspired by the embellishments in today's collection.

I really love the warm, vintagey feel of the tags in this collection so used a combination of papers, banner stickers, and a tag to design the card.

I repeated the same design for my second card and added a rubon "thank you" sentiment.

Some of the tags in this collection are horizontal in format, so I flipped the sketch and made this card.

Then I put a twist on the tag and used some of the conversation bubbles in the embellishments to replace the tag on the sketch.

I love how the design continues to morph as I create. This is what I came up with for my final card and I think it's my favorite of the bunch!

The cards that I've seen popping up this week on Facebook are darling! I want to give a shout out to Kassandra Missen and the lovely card she created based off of last week's sketch.

Well done Kassandra! Who knows, you may even find yourself being our lucky monthly winner for this darling creation.

If you’d like to enter to win our September Monday Card Madness swag package:

Have fun creating cards this week!

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