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How to tie the perfect fork bow


I have to let you in on a secret... even after 17 years of scrapbooking, I still don't know how to make a good bow. Occasionally I'll get a compliment on how nice my bow looks (which is a total crap shoot), so I graciously smile and say thank you as if it's something that I can do in my sleep, and then quickly change the subject before anyone can ask how I do it.

Thankfully today Jennifer Blomquist  will teach us all how to make a perfect bow using a fork. I'll be busy mastering this technique so the next time someone asks I can whip out a fork (since I'll be carrying one at all times now, and can show them just how easy it is.)

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I don’t know about you, but I love the look of bows on cards. However, I know it can be challenging sometimes to get a cute little bow to look just right; which is why I love this technique for creating a perfect bow everytime! It is super easy to do and is especially great for tying those little tiny bows. All you need is some ribbon and a fork! (The bigger the fork, the bigger the bow.)

Start with a piece of ribbon and wrap it around the outside of the tines of a fork so that both ends of the ribbon are on the same side and the front of the ribbon is “above” the ribbon in the back.

e544a2077d0711753a4096be2435ef15.jpgNext, take the ribbon that is going across the front of the fork and wrap it around to the back. Bring the ribbon across the ribbon piece in the back and pull the end between the middle tines of the fork so that your ribbon end is back in the front of the fork again. 

This is what it looks like when you turn your fork over and look at it from the back.

9f7c0b6e6a90746293217b93fb3ea8ae.jpgTake your ribbon end that you pulled through to the front of the fork and pull it over the ribbon stretched across the fork. Bring it through the middle tines to the backside of the fork again.


If you flip over your fork, it should look like this.

076d8ac541c2a2df5e452f1e73c7b3b5.jpgNow, both ribbon ends should be on the back side of the fork. So, just tie your ends together in a knot and pull the ends out to the sides.


Here is what it looks like from the front.


67f40a2dce1712a70d0555c1e4e462cd.jpgSlide your bow off the fork, trim your ends, and you are done!

Then you can use a glue dot or your favorite adhesive to adhere your bow to your finished project like this card here.

57f9f5acec06c7636edb731d5445cd22.jpgI’ve done this with different sizes of ribbon and forks, so experiment with what you have and I’m sure you’ll find a style you love!

• • • • •

Jennifer, your tutorial is positively fantastic! Don't mind me, I'm off to master this technique right now! 

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