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Turquoise – Layout 9

Chatty: that pretty much sums up my sweet 11 year old in a word. In fact, she's so chatty that sometimes I have to remind myself to really focus and listen instead of turn on the automated mommy, "uh huh." When I saw today's steal, the Bo Bunny Ad Lib collection, and all of its charismatic colors and phrases, I realized how perfect it would be for a layout about my sweet Tessa and her sometimes incessant chatter!

Ironically, the very afternoon I decided to do the layout about my little talker, she came to me with some very heartbreaking news. News that no 11 year old should ever have to come to their mom with, yet sadly so common in this world we live in. Even though it's a tender and touchy subject, I decided to document the experience because I'm so proud of my little talker and her willingness to choose the right in this crazy thing called life, even if it did come with some equally heartbreaking side effects. I want her to know when she is a mom exactly what courage this took and to have something to show her kids when they find themselves in similar situations.

I decided the bracket paper that came with the collection was a little too busy for my wishes, so I cut out the center and adhered it to the top of the red ruled paper. Worked out perfectly for my journaling.

I then finished things up with some of the amazing embellishments (which smell good too). :)

Oh, and I love a collection that jives so well with some of my stash.

• • • • •

Wow. Can you believe we are nearly to the end of another gem series? Only another two weeks to catch up for that awesome big prize! As far as our weekly prize goes, Sheryl Kloke you are our winner! I dare say that life is pretty good for you right now.

Sheryl, please send an email to with your address we will be happy to send a little scrappy goodness your way. (Which we insist you put away until after your lovely visit with your son is over.)

For those of you just joining us, now is a great time to jump in on the fun! Each Wednesday we provide a new sketch and you have until the following Monday at 11:59 MST to have your creations posted somewhere on the internet and linked to this blog post. You can find all of the details here. Also, as we continue week to week, bookmark this page for your quick reference to Mid Week Mojo links.

Can’t wait to see the interpretations of this week’s sketch start popping up on our Facebook fan page. If you haven’t already “liked” us, stop by.

Have a great day and hope you have a little time to get crafty! Be sure to check in tomorrow for an awesome guest blog posting from Deb Routledge!

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