Wood Block Photo Holder with Teresa Collins Notations

Today I'm so excited to bring to you some pretty sweet crafty decor ideas from the ever-so-talented Brie Pinales. She has a stellar project to show using today's steal, the Teresa Collins Notations collection. I'm now headed to the hardware store to pick up some wood to create this awesome project! Can you say perfect idea for Mother's Day gifts?

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Hey everyone! I’m Brie Pinales and I’m beyond excited to be posting here for ScrapbookSteals.com! Especially since I get to use one of my most favorite lines from one of my most favorite people, “Notations” from Teresa Collins.

A little about me, I am one of the in house graphic designers for My Mind’s Eye, and I also do design work for Teresa Collins. (I’m pretty sure it was a coincidence I got the Teresa Collins kit, I promise!) Over on my blog, Classic Couture, I post about photography, crafts, design and decor. I also share my love of healthy living and training with tips, reviews, recipes and training guides and tools, and I throw in the random giveaway now and then. ;)

The project I created is a different take on a frame. I am addicted to frames! As a photographer, I love finding unique and different ways to display my photos. I put together a little how to for one of my favorite ways to do so, I hope you enjoy it!

Brie Pinales
Materials Needed:

Brie Pinales

First you’ll use the e6000 and glue your wood pieces together. Once the glue is dry, if you’re spray painting, you can just spray the whole thing. I decided I wanted my finial a different color, so I painted it all before gluing the finial to my “base.”

The thing I love about the Alphabet Paper is that it’s all perforated so it’s super easy to get your letters, without having to cut them individually. Next, punch out your letters and arrange them how you want them on your base. Apply an even layer of Mod Podge to one side of the base, then apply your letters. You’ll definitely want to lay them out before you start Mod Podge-ing them to make sure you get the right fit to your board.

Once they are all applied, brush a thin layer of Mod Podge over the top to seal it all in.

Brie Pinales

Then I wrapped my ribbon around the base and glued it into place. (I think it would be fun just as a decor piece like this, too!)

Brie Pinales

Then glue the magnetic clip with the e6000. You can use it to clip pictures, a recipe in the kitchen, a to do list, etc. Whatever you want to use it for. On a side note, that picture is my daughter and I when she was one. I can’t believe that was 8 years ago! GAH!

Brie Pinales

Another way to make your photo holder is to glue a wood napkin ring to a base and then glue it to the wood board. The wood napkin ring and base I found at Hobby Lobby. The bases come in different shapes and are 50¢ each. You can also sand it, giving it that “shabby chic” aged feel.

The beauty of this project is you can make a bunch of them for under $20 and give for gifts! It’s super cheap, and easy, but looks like you spent hours and tons of money on it! (I’ll keep your secret, no worries.)

I hope you enjoyed that project! Enjoy your Notations paper from ScrapbookSteals and Teresa Collins!

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Wow. Wow. WOW! Thanks Brie. You have definitely inspired and have given me the itch to get off the page crafty. If you haven't already, be sure to stop by Brie's blog for all sorts of fantastic inspiration, ideas and inspiring posts. I mean it's not everyone that is willing to give up a vehicle to better their lifestyle. Like I said. Inspiring. :)

Be sure to pop in tomorrow for another amazing blog hop and your chance to win a $20.00 ScrapbookSteals gift code.

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