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Hello everyone! Happy How To'sday to ya! Today we have a super summery treat as Jen McDermott does an amazing job showing what you can create with today's steal, American Crafts Summertime Ribbons.

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Good morning, fellow Stealers! I am so excited to be bringing you a fun How To’sday today, featuring American Crafts Summertime ribbon! I jumped at the chance to work with such a fun product, as I have always loved playing with ribbon, especially the super cute prints from American Crafts.

Today I’d like to show you how to make some cute ribbon hair clips. And with summer around the corner, the prints from today’s Steal are perfect!

First, you’ll need some 1.5” alligator clips, a hot glue gun, and ribbon cut into 4”, 2.5”, and 1” pieces.

  1. Run a bead of hot glue along the inside top of the clip (the top of the clip is the side that is at a bent angle at the hinge). Stick your 4” piece of ribbon to the glue, making sure to center it on the clip. (Just a PSA: Hot glue is HOT. As in, burn-your-fingers-hot. Be careful when squeezing the ribbon on the clip that the molten lava glue doesn’t squirt out the sides and burn your fingers.)
  2. Run a bead of hot glue along the top outside of the clip and smooth the ribbon on top.
  3. Flip the clip over, and dab a little bit of glue on the bottom of the clip, then stick that last little bit of ribbon down.
  4. Take your 2.5” piece of ribbon, and glue the two ends together, making a circle.
  5. Glue the little circle to the top of your clippie.
  6. Take your 1 inch piece of ribbon and glue one end of the piece on the inside top of your clip, right underneath the ribbon circle. Wrap it around the top (pinching the circle down in the middle) and glue the remaining end back in the inside of the clippie.

Voila! You now have a super cute summer clippie. And, since the prints and colors from the American Crafts ribbon match each other so well, making a million of these coordinating pretties is super easy. They also make a wonderful handmade gift, and if you want to spruce up the presentation, just add them to a homemade card.

If you’d like these cute clips for yourself, head over to my blog,, and you just might find a little giveaway!

A fun way I like to use ribbon is at parties: to jazz up boring plastic ware, and to pretty up plain stemware. Using ribbon to decorate the elements you already have saves you money, since you can use what you have in your cabinets, and just use a ribbon print to tie in the theme of your party. Today’s steal just screams summer barbecue to me, so I gathered up some supplies from my pantry, and got started!

At your next barbecue, instead of just laying out piles of utensils and napkins, try wrapping them up in a printed napkin and tying a coordinating American Crafts ribbon around them. It is such a quick way to take boring forks and spoons and make them pretty. (and keep it all from blowing away outside!) How cute are those popsicles?!

Here, I fancied up a plain glass by adding a ribbon bow to the stem, and using my Cameo, I cut a butterfly to rest on the rim. (You could use the butterfly as a place card, too. Just write the names of your guest on the side) Punch just tastes so much better when drinking it from a fun glass, don’t you think?

I needed to switch out my drab winter wreath, so I broke out my hot glue gun again, and made this squiggly, loopy ribbon wreath for the inside of my front door. I love how cheerful it is, and how the different patterns of ribbon blend so well.

I was inspired by a past How Tosday by Julie Koets and made this altered paint can for my son’s preschool teacher. I’m going to fill it with homemade caramel corn, and give it to her for an end of the year teacher’s gift. I cannot get over all of the cute patterns that come with this set.

Seriously, there is so much ribbon included today, that you will have enough for several projects. Thank you so much, Kristy, for allowing me to play with such a fun product!

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Thank you Jen! Your projects today are amazing and you make me even that much more excited for summer!

Have a great day and be sure to check in tomorrow as we reveal another amazing guest sketcher and TWO fun sketches for your Mid Week Mojo enjoyment!

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