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You think getting all sorts of artsy crafty with paint is just for your 5-year-old? Well think again. Today's steal, Mr. Huey's Color Mists by Studio Calico, will give you the perfect excuse for getting back to the basics and bonding with your inner artist self.

And boy are you in for a super, spectacular treat today, so grab your coffee (or that would be Diet Dr. Pepper for me) and your reading glasses because you deserve this "me" time for sure. If you are on the fence about stealing today, I recommend you take a quick pause and make that purchase because after seeing what you can do with the Mr. Huey's, you wont want to miss out!

In the line up today we have projects and how tos from the over the top talented, Heather Leopard and stunning creations from the Studio Calico Design Team.

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Hi, Heather here. I am excited to be blogging here today, to showcase my love of Mr. Huey mists. I really enjoy getting dirty with paint and mists and such, but it doesn’t always have to be hard or make a mess. I am going to share a couple of layouts and tips with you to show you just how fun adding mists to your projects can be. I’ve been playing with mists for years but I fell in love with Mr. Huey mists last year after attending Kelly Purkey’s misting techniques class at CKC Houston.

Check out these two layouts I made this past weekend using Mr. Huey mists and then I’ll share the reasons why I love my Mr. Hueys.

I like to work in groups of threes when I’m designing a page. For this first page, I laid out all of my papers, photos and elements to figure out where I wanted everything arranged and then I took a visual picture in my head, removed everything from the page and spray misted with brown in the 3 spots you see above. I then pulled the nozzle out of the bottle and flicked blue mist onto the page over the brown to give it a splattered look.

I’m also a fan of making things pop on the page so I used foam squares to lift different elements off the page. Some but not all of the hexagons, word banners and embellishments are popped.

For my second page, I chose to scale back a little with the mist but it’s still an important part of the story.

These are Instagram photos with a filter to make them look vintagy so the splatter effect was called for again here. Usually I will do the splatter on my foundation piece before I start layering everything but since I was going for an aged look, I adhered all the papers first and then misted, hoping a few splatters would land on the different papers. I then added the photos.

I knew I wanted to add clouds to the top right corner of the layout so I flicked a little blue mist over there before I stitched the clouds to the paper. Also, the blue cloud was much brighter than I wanted, so I toned down the color by spraying blue mist over it. Then I placed it so that the mist splatter would look like rain coming from it. It was a gorgeous fall day but I liked the rain effect.

So, those are my projects for today. As you can probably see, I really do love my Mr. Huey mists because:

  1. They are not water-based so when you spray them on your page, the paper doesn’t warp. I don’t know about you but I’ve had to deal with some really warped paper before and it’s not fun to have it look all lumpy, especially when you are trying to photograph it.
  2. It’s fast drying, like almost immediately! That said, it didn’t dry as fast on the cloud, because of the shiny, finished layer over the chipboard.
  3. I like that they give a fairly even mist when you spray it so I pretty much know what I’m going to get each time. I’ve had mists that are so unpredictable that it freaks me out when I think about using them because I don’t want to ruin the paper or project.
  4. They are a great size – not too small or too big. I use mine quite a bit and they just keep going and going.
  5. Lastly, I love the colors. I especially like the Calico white because it dries white and pops really great on a dark background.

Before I go, I thought I’d share a few tips to keep in mind when using your mists:

Thanks for stopping by today. If my pages and tips inspired you, please visit my blog. You’ll find new projects, tips, tutorials, sketches and more posted regularly over there!



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Now if that wasn't enough to thoroughly convince you of the neeeeeeeed of owning Mr. Huey's, then take a quick peek at what some of the amazingly talented girls of the Studio Calico Design Team have created and be sure to click on their names to check out their own personal blogs for oodles of extra inspiration!

Lisa Truesdell

Kinsey Wilson

Kelly Noel

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! We have a HUGE treat for Monday in the form of a crazy talented guest blogger that rocks the card making world. As for me? I'll be spritzing it up with my Mr. Huey's.


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