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Happy How To'sday everyone! Today the uber-talented Charity Becker brings us yet another incredible tutorial to incorporate in to your paper crafting, card making and scrapbooking projects.

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Flower Power Misting

Scrapbooking mist can take a plain sheet of cardstock to a whole new level. But when you’re over the novelty of spraying formless blotches here and there what’s left? There are always the misting masks available from many different companies, but how about one you can make on your own.


Step 1: Cut a 3-inch circle in the center of a sheet of cardstock at least 8x8 in size.

Step 2: Lay the circle on a sheet of cardstock and using the darker shade of mist, spray a layer of color inside the circle. Repeat as desired, let dry.

Step 3: Cut a second 3-inch circle out of an 8X8 piece of cardstock.

Step 4: Punch 8 one-inch circles from a scrap piece of cardstock.

Step 5: Place punched circles around the 3-inch circle and trace.

Step 6: Punch out the circles traced around the 3-inch circle using a 1-inch punch.

Step 7: Place the flower cut out over the existing misted circles, and mist with a lighter color of mist. Let dry.

Step 8: Using a paper piercer, puncture holes around the edges of the flower petals. Stitch with twine.

If your paper is warped you can lightly mist the back of the paper with water and press between books till dry. You can also iron the cardstock on a medium setting till flat. Be sure you do NOT have the iron set on “steam”!
I used Kristy’s fabulous MWM Garnet #10 sketch for this layout.

~ Charity Becker

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Charity, as always, it's such a pleasure being treated to your creations. You never disappoint!

If you have an idea that you would like to see featured on a How To'sday don't be shy. Send your text and photos to kristy@stealnetwork.com.

One more thing for today. It's been kind of a crazy couple of weeks around the StealNetwork, and I have to admit that I overlooked announcing the winner of the February Monday Card Madness participants.

A huge congrats goes out to Laurel Lane!

Laurel, your birthday invites are positively stunning. We have already contacted you via email regarding your prize. Enjoy!

Be sure to check in tomorrow for the next Mid Week Mojo.

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