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It's Tuesday again which means it's time for another fantastic scrapbooking tutorial. Today we have a special treat and have guest blogger Amber Sheaves sharing with us some great ways on how to use today's steal, the American Crafts Stamp Markers.

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I love these stamp markers because they are less expensive than stamp pads enabling you to get more ink colors for your money. The colors are vibrant and tips are very juicy! The markers are dual ended with a brush tip and a writing tip. The ends are slightly flexible giving you the ability to vary the thickness of the line by adding or reducing pressure and changing the angle at which it meets the paper. Below are the different thicknesses you can get with each end.

I found they work equally well on both clear photopolymer stamps and rubber stamps. Below I stamped with a clear stamp on the left and a rubber stamp on the right:

Clear Vs. Rubber

If you find for some reason they are not sticking to your clear stamp (ink tends to pool up on clear stamps especially acrylic ones) first ink the pad up with a clear embossing ink and then add your colored ink. When using markers on your stamps you will find that the ink will dry before you have time to stamp it just because it simply takes longer to color in the image by hand than it does to stamp it on a big stamp pad. These stamp markers are meant to stay wet on the stamp longer than regular markers. In some cases with more intricate work you will still need to re-wet the ink. To do this simply huff the inked image when you're ready to stamp on paper. Do this by breathing on the stamp as you would to clean your sunglasses or a DVD.

Another use of the stamping markers is with a color spritzer tool which takes the place of a spray ink. Just attach the marker to the tool and squeeze for these cool splatter effects.

These markers are acid-free so you can use them as journaling pens on your layouts.

You can also easily correct stamping mistakes! Take for instance this "hello friend" stamp. See how part of the image didn't stamp well? Simply use the writing tip to go over the image and fill in the missing parts. This way you don't have to start all over again if you incorrectly ink a stamp and mess up your project!

The American Crafts stamping markers enable you to get so much more use out of your stamps by allowing you to omit part of an image and to use multiple colors on one stamp. Let's look at the "hello friend" stamp again. What if I didn't want the friend part for some reason? With a stamp marker you can easily just stamp the portion of the stamp you want. But what if I wanted to do something fun with the colors? With markers I can make each letter a different color! You couldn't do this with an ink pad.

Here's an example of using multiple colors on one stamp. First I stamped the apple with an ink pad only in red. Not bad, kinda cute. But by using the markers I was able to add several colors to each making it really cute!

The markers can also be used to ink the edges of cards and layouts, getting into smaller spaces than those cats eye or teardrop pads.

You can get some really pretty effects as well. For these flowers, I first inked the center with Sunflower (when using multiple colors always start with the lightest color), then colored them in with Taffy, and then with Grape I drew lines from the center towards the tip of each petal for the variegated color.

One of the best parts of these markers is that you can use them to color in large parts of outlined images. I stamped the image in black Staz-On ink.

Since the markers are water-based you want to make sure to use a pigment ink for the outline so that when you go to color the image in you don't make the outline bleed.

Here are some finished projects using the markers.

I hope I've convinced you how wonderful versatile these markers are!

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Why yes Amber! You have convinced me indeed! You've even convinced me that I really just need to take the plunge and brave some stamping. Your projects are amazing! Thank you again!

If you have an idea that you would like to be featured as a How To'sday tutorial, don't be shy. Please send your text and images to and we will be happy to feature your idea!

I'll see you tomorrow for our next installment to the Garnet series of Mid Week Mojo.

Have a great day everyone!

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