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Have you ever had that problem where you don't have a panoramic photo option on your camera, you don't have the photo software editing know how to faux create it, and you really, really, really want to display a photo of something big? Well today Michelle King shows us a pretty innovative solution to that problem.

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Here's the story behind this layout:

My husband and I went to Rome, Italy for our honeymoon in the fall of 2007. One of the major draws for my husband was the Colisseum. It is awesome to behold, I must say and huge! I did not know if our camera could take panoramic shots, so I took two panning the structure, hoping that they sort of lined up. When I printed them, one was higher than the other, so one had more sky, one didn' know how it is. Not wanting to lose the shot I had envisioned, I decided to just let go of all rules and cut, cut, cut! I took the two pictures and lined them up next to each other to see where they should meet and then cropped the top and bottom so that they did line up. Then to try to camouflage the imperfect center, I decided to cut the two pictures in strips and fan them out. At first glance, most people have often exclaimed what a great panoramic picture I have taken. Little do they realize how I have doctored the final product.

Hope this is helpful to anyone who has thought they lost the shot they wanted or thought they had. You just have to be willing to cut the pictures...

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Michelle, thanks so much! What a truly innovative idea that looks fantastic.

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Have a great day and I will see you tomorrow for Garnet #2 in our Mid Week Mojo series.

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