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So you still want to make holiday cards for your loved ones and neighbors, but really want to do something with a little flair, but can't quite think of what to create. Well then today's tutorial on making swivel cards by Monica Sigmon is just what you may be looking for!

• • • • •


Step 1: Decorate your presents.

Step 2: Assemble your card starting with the bottom and biggest layer. Make sure it is right side up and in the direction it is going to be when it is all open. Take your next layer and place it on top right side up but with the bottom part up (upside down). This way when you swivel it open it will be right. Center it from left to right with the top edges matching and then poke your hole through both layers in the center about a quarter inch from the top edge with your paper piercer and mat.

Step 3: Put the brad in through both layers.

Step 4: Now open the swivel card and with what will be the middle layer up take the top layer and lay it on top with the bottom part up (upside down). Poke a hole in these two layers as you did previously.

• • • • •

Monica, thank you so much. Your cards are so. stinking. cute!

If you have an idea that you would like to be the spotlight of a future How To'sday, please send them along. Photos and text can be sent to

Be sure to check in tomorrow as our final guest sketcher of 2011 kicks things off for us with our Topaz 10 Mid Week Mojo at 9amMST.

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