Shimmerz, Spritz and Pearlz | Monday Card Madness #60

It's only once a year that Cyber Monday rolls around -- ohhh, the anticipation and excitement of what is to come! It kind of has the energy speed dating, or something like that, don't ya think?

Well today I have a pretty exciting lineup for you. There are so many wonderful things in store for today, that I really couldn't stop myself at creating with just one of the steals. So what does this mean for you? New blog posts for almost every steal so be sure to check back for inspiration. ;) We'll be seeing posts featuring the creations of Erica Bass, and Julie Ann Cordero !

Our first steal up today is much anticipated and equally amazing. Erica Bass has done an awesome job at showing us what can be done with Shimmerz, Pearlz and Spritz!

• • • • •

Here are a few tips and project ideas from Erica:


Tip: roll spray bottle between hands to mix shimmer into the rest of the spray to prevent clogging. Do not shake bottle up and down. If shimmer is settled on the bottom tap side of bottle against the palm of you hand a few times before rolling to loosen the shimmer up.

• • • • •

Erica, I love it! Thank you so much. As far as the "sketch" goes for this week, feel free to use any of the cards that are posted throughout the day as your inspiration.

Remember, if you'd like to be eligible for the November random drawing for Monday Card Madness, all you need to do is complete any (or all!) of the Monday Card Madness sketches, post your creation to our fan page or your own personal blog, then leave a link on this blog to that creation no later than 11:59 PM MST on Friday, December 2nd, 2011.

I hope you you enjoy your day of speed stealing! :)

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