Pebbles, Inc. Fresh Goods | Monday Card Madness #60

Are you having so much fun today? I know I am! I'm super excited to introduce our next guest card maker, Julie Cordero who couldn't have done a better job showing us what can be done with the 5PM steal, Fresh Goods by Pebbles, Inc.

Julie Ann, take it away!

• • • • •

My favorite part of this collection is the butterflies. I love the dimension to them and I was sad when the package was all used up! I also adored the texture of the paper. It's probably hard to tell in the photos, but some of the papers have an awesome dimension to them that really spice up the cards.

The colors and designs on the papers and embellishments are so fun. I can definitely see using them on cards and layouts in the future.

[gallery link="file" orderby="title"]

• • • • •

Thanks so much Julie Ann for sharing your cards with us! They are fresh and they are good. :) Actually, they're great!

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