Your Holiday Stealing Itinerary 2011

Twas time for the holidays, so all in good cheer

Steal Network was stocking plenty of gifts to find here.

Jana jumped in her sleigh, her reindeer in tide,

and whistled with glee at the steals she did find.

"On BabySteals, on KidSteals, on ScrapbookSteals, ho ho!

to the Internet of moms and scrappers we must go!"

From your trees wrapped in lights to stockings hung with care,

the steals from our sites will soon be wrapped there.

For here at Steal Network we take pride to send joy

to families and crafters, and to girls and boys.

• • • • •

The holiday countdown begins, and we have great things in store for you at BabySteals, KidSteals and ScrapbookSteals! There are plenty of exciting gifts for everyone on your list at incredible deals coming your way. Want the scoop? The steals are a secret, but here's a rundown of our upcoming promotions so you can set your calendars.

Black Friday

We know many of you might be freezing your little toes off waiting in line for your hubby's electronics, but while you're sitting there, be sure to check in at all our sites -- we'll have super hot Black Friday steals you won't want to miss!

Cyber Monday
Get your clicking fingers ready! Monday, November 28 we'll have a steal every two hours from 9am to 9pm MST. Want to set your clock? That's 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, and 9pm MST -- a total of 7 steals per site!

12 Days of Holiday Gift Giving
From December 1-12, we will have a mystery giveaway a day on ScrapbookSteals. 12 hours to enter, 1 lucky winner a day. Have any kiddos on your shopping list? Head over to BabySteals and KidSteals for 12 days of gift-giving steals!

• • • • •

Are you ready to start gift giving? We simply can't wait to spread the holiday joy this season. Wishing you fast clicking and all the steals you're hoping for.

Happy Stealing!

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