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If you loved the collection of 5x7 magnet boards when we offered them before, then you will be absolutely beside yourself with giddiness over today's steal of Magnet Boards by Boulder Innovations.

Not only does today's steal come with your favorite 5x7 boards (two of them), but you get a large square magnet board and a darling photo frame. Can you say handmade Christmas gifts? Grandma will be thrilled to have a custom created photo frame of her favorite little grandkidlets!

During the ScrapbookSteals retreat, I asked some of our attendees if they would be willing to alter one of the magnet boards for today's blog posting. I think you'll agree that they did a fantastic job! I know I was pretty excited with what they created.

Heather Conklin took on the big board! I love how she turned it into a "notes" board and dressed up the magnets with flowers.

Jana Paddington took the plunge with the photo frame. Can you say crazy cute? She almost makes me think that the impending winter is okay. Maybe. Just a little.

Venetia Holbrook, Erin Schultz, Minousha Bari, and Melissa Dehne decked out examples of what you can do with the two, 5x7 boards.

Here is Venetia's darling hanging board board.

Here is what Erin created. *Sigh. I miss these girls!*

Here is Minousha's take for a fun grocery shopping list holder.

And lastly here is an example by Melissa of a hanging board with the 5x7. Oh and I'll be right over for some shopping! I wish.

Thank you girls for helping out today! I love what you created and you make me want to get my crafty on with some of the Boulder Innovation boards myself!

Be sure to check out these ladies' blogs by clicking on their names for further inspirational ideas.

Have a great day!

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