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You've all seen it — the glorious colors of twine from The Twinery. If you haven't had the pleasure of owning twine for yourself, then today's steal, Twine bundles from The Twinery is just for you! Because the world of using twine is so expansive, I thought it would be fun to have a little help with today's blog post and offer a bunch of different ways to use twine, by sharing examples from some of our amazing ScrapbookSteals friends. I asked these girls to share whatever struck their fancy in relation to the twine world. I think you'll agree that they have provided some pretty fantastic inspiration.

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Take a peek at the fun ways that Brenda Smith, Chloe Salerno, Erin Colby, Heather Conklin, Karen Weingartner, Melissa Dehne, Misty Buck, Van Nguyen, and Venetia Holbrook have used their twine. Not only will you be inspired with great techniques for layouts and cards, but you will find ideas for storage and even homemade toys! For further details on these girls' amazing creations, you can click on their names and explore their blogs.

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Now if that isn't quite enough inspiration for you on unique ways to use The Twinery, Twine, then be sure to check out the blog at The Twinery. There you will find oodles of inspiration to whet your twiney delight!

Now the hard part—deciding which colors to get! Eh, just go in on them with some buddies and get them all! And if you haven't already, be sure to enter the Twinery giveaway!

Have a super fantastic weekend!

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