How To'sday | Large Paper Flowers by Melissa Dehne

Happy How To'sday! It's that fantastic time of week when we are treated to a fun tutorial from one of you. This week we are treated to a tutorial on making large paper flowers by Melissa Dehne.

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Thanks for letting me share with you today. For today's How To'sday, I will be showing you how to make large paper flowers. The best part about these flowers is the fact that you can really use your imagination to create some beautiful, colorful additions to your cards and layouts. Plus, with just three supplies, you can make them anywhere.


-5 or 6 large circles
-Hot glue gun
-Large button

Step 1. Punch or cut 5 to 6 large circles (mine are 1/1/2 inches)

Step 2. Take the bottom of each circle and pull the bottom together so it overlaps. (You may want to practice this part first!)

Step 3. Place a dot of hot glue in the fold and hold together until secure.

Step 4. Continue to do the same thing with each of the circles. These will become the petals of your flower.

Step 5. Arrange the petals around a slightly smaller circle of the same general color. My smaller circle is 1 1/4 inch.

Step 6. Once arranged, hot glue the petals onto the smaller circle.

Step 7. Place hot glue or a glue dot to the back of a button and press into the center.

Step 8. Finished product should look something like this. Play around with how many petals you use, vary the color of the petals, or play with what to put in the center.

Here is a sample that I made using six petals and a large brad in the center.

I hope that these flowers can bring a little beauty to your day!

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Thank you Melissa for your tutorial! What a great way to customize some flowers for your paper creations.

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