Happy Go Lucky Flower Topiary

I wandered down the aisles of one of my favorite stores and there it was — a lovely flower topiary. At that exact moment the idea for a Fantastic Friday project was in the works. I snapped a quick photo with my phone and then hit the craft store for a foam base and ball to create on.

Today's steal, the Pebbles — Happy Go Lucky collection was the perfect set of papers and embellishments for re-creating the flower topiary that I fell in love with at the store.

Here are the supplies that I used for my creation.

Step 1:

I began by cutting out swirly circles on my Silhouette machine. If you don't have a Silhouette, you can cut out 4" diameter circles then cut in a spiral shape until you reach the center of the paper, leaving a circle in the middle of paper about 1" across.

Step 2:

The paper flowers are created by twisting the paper loosely around a pencil from the outer coil to center of the circle. You can determine the tightness of the flower by how tightly you coil the paper around a pencil. Add a reasonable amount of glue to the core of the paper, press down and your flower is ready for embellishment.

Step 3:

Add buttons, brads or other miscellaneous embellishments to the center of each flower.

Step 4:

Paint the outside of foam ball in a color that coordinates with your papers.

Step 5:

When paint is dry begin gluing finished flowers and embellishments to the outside of the ball in random patterns. You can fill in any holes with brads or buttons.

Step 6:

Next begin covering the base of the cone with rows of ribbon.

Step 7:

Once the base and the ball are covered, insert a dowel into the base of the ball. Gently insert the other end of the dowel into the top of the cone.

Step 8:

Admire your gorgeous creation!

The only thing I have left to do is head back to the craft store to find the perfect purple ribbon to tie around the base of the ball.

I hope you all have a spectacular weekend! Check in on Monday for our next Monday Card Madness and the winner of our July card creations!

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