Pebbles Inc. Chalk Pencils = Love

I honestly wasn't sure what to expect with today's steal, the Chalk Pencils, by Pebbles, Inc. After having the chance to play with them I can honestly say if you are a chalk lover you will want these and may never look back at your standard chalks again!

Here are a few of the fun things that I did with the chalk pencils.

I first wanted to show how easily you can change the the shade of embossed paper. No more fumbling with cotton puffs or cotton swabs. Simply sketch lightly over the paper and the raised portions will change color while the indentations will remain the original color. You can see on this sheet of paper where I used all of the pencils offered in today's steal.

I decided to apply that same technique to this layout that I made using Erin Colby's amazing Mid Week Mojo sketch. You can see where I shaded only the center portion of the layout with a pink pencil, to give it a different color than the rest of the sheet. I also slightly shaded the outer edges of the paper with a brown pencil.

You can see in these close-up shots where I used the pencils to add a little definition around the journaling blocks as well as the strips of paper.

I was having so much fun with the shading embossed designs technique that I made a couple of cards. This first card I shaded the brown cardstock with a brown pencil to offer some slight variation and depth.

I then decided to take a simple white silk flower and shade it so that it coordinated with my card.

Here's the final card that I made, by mixing two shades of chalk pencils on the front of the card.

I truly had a blast creating with the Pebbles Chalk Pencils and was pleasantly surprised with the results. If you're a chalk lover then don't even think twice about picking these up! Just think of all of the fun you can have, blending things up with not only your layouts and cards but with all of your stamping projects as well.

I hope you have a great weekend. Check in on Monday for your next Monday Card Madness.

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