Bo Bunny Mini Albums

Boy do we have a treat for you today. Not only do we have a huge variety of amazing Mini Albums by Bo Bunny offered as today's steal, but three of our fantastic employees have so graciously taken the time to create the albums to show you some ideas on how they can be done.

Tracey Condie did an amazing job with the "Dad" chipboard album. She sent me a disclaimer stating that she has very little scrapbooking experience and has just started making cards. I think she's a natural and did an amazing job on the album and it will be a true keepsake for years to come.

Brittany Perry totally rocked the acrylic flower album. She did a great job creating a masterpiece with the different see through layers.

And lastly we have a true gem from our dearly loved Melodee Cloud. It's always a special occasion when we are treated to some of the craftiness of Melodee. She did a spectacular job with the chipboard "Mom" album.

I'd like to extend a huge thank you to these lovely ladies that have taken the time to share their talents with us. Not only are these Bo Bunny mini album options unique, but they are elegant, whimsical and fun.

Don't forget to check in tonight for our online crop. There's always a bunch of fun and giggles to be had. See you tonight at 6PM MST.

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