How To'sday | Make Your Layouts Pop on a Dime by Charity Becker

Tuesdays have quickly become one of my favorite days of the week. I love seeing all of the different ideas that you have to offer. I've been a fan of the art of Charity Becker since the first time she posted on our Facebook fan page. I was delighted when she sent in a tutorial for today's How To'sday.


Here are three inexpensive techniques that will make your pages pop!

Add Dimention to Photos


The first technique is the easiest. The photo on the layout stands ¼ inch off the page without sagging or the use of millions of pop dots. Simply cut a piece of cardboard ¼-½ inch smaller on all sides than the photo. Adhere photo to cardboard, adhere cardboard to page.

Protect Your Rub-ons


The second technique uses another common household item -- a glue stick. If you like rub-ons you know they stick to page protectors easily. Carefully rub a glue stick across the surface of any rub-on and let dry. A matte finish will result and page protectors will quit stealing the glory of your layers of rub-ons.

Make Handmade Paper Embellishments


The third technique is a great way to create an outstanding border or frame and creates dimension for handmade paper embellishments.

I call this technique finger crimping. It requires ink or chalk, and patterned paper. Cut a design from patterned paper (fussy cutting) or stamp images onto card stock and cut out. Ink or chalk the edges (front and back) of the image. This will make the paper pliable and create definition.

Place thumbnail a couple millimeters from the inked edge and press the paper up with your finger tips.

Press down on this edge so that it curves up and toward the center of the image. Repeat around all the edges.

The image below shows half a flower petal pressed up (step 1) and the other half curved toward the center (step 1 and 2).


Charity, thank you SO much for such an amazing tutorial! I've been scrapping for 15+ years and learned something new today.

If you have a great idea that you'd like to see featured on our How To'sday then please send it along to Don't be shy! No idea is too big or too small. We want to learn from you.

We'll see you tomorrow for Mid Week Mojo!

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