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I don't know about you but after seeing Jana Paddington's button project, I have a new found love for buttons and can't seem to have enough! I love this tutorial by Melissa Dehne, showing a fantastic way to use buttons as borders on a scrapbook layout.


Hello Everyone! Happy Tuesday, another one of my favorite days at ScrapbookSteals! My How To'sday today is more of a technique -- fun way to use some of the buttons in your stash. I had seen this done in one of the too many blogs that I follow and loved it.

Step 1: Chose your paper (I used My Little Shoebox "City by the Bay" <3) and get a general layout organized with one of the pictures a little separated from the rest. At this point, everything should be adhered to the page.

Step 2: Go to your button stash and choose the colors that go with your layout.

Step 3: Line up buttons to see the color combinations together.

Step 4: Finally, arrange the buttons around the picture in the shape you like. After they are arranged, lift each button and place an adhesive dot to the back and stick it to the paper. I put the glue dot a little off center so it wasn't covering the holes on the back and so that if I chose to, I could go back and thread each of the buttons without having to push my needle through a sticky dot.

I added my title and embellishments and my layout was complete! I hope that this gave you an idea to use some of the buttons that you have in your scrap supplies. I have also included another idea for using buttons (and some brads) and a sketch for those of you who like to use sketches too.


Thank you Melissa for that fun technique on using buttons. I positively adore buttons and cannot wait to try this out!

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