How To'sday | Washer Pendant Necklace by Brittany Perry

We all have them -- that staggering supply of paper scraps. Let Brittany Perry show you a fun way to not only dress up some of those overwhelming scraps, but dress up yourself!


We all love our scrapbooking paper and we are certain to have scraps left over after doing a layout. One thing I like do with some of my favorite scraps is turn them into a necklace.

Here are the supplies you'll need:

Step 1: Trace the washer onto the back side of your paper, then cut the circle and it's center out using small scissors.

Step 2: Apply mod podge to the washer and the back side of your cut out circle and adhere it to the washer. Then apply mod podge to the front of the paper. This helps seal the paper so that the next step doesn't turn the paper transparent. Let the mod podge dry completely before moving on (15-20 minutes).

Step 3: Prepare the acrylic resin according to the manufacturer's directions. Mine says to mix equal parts of the resin and hardener. You also want to make sure it is mixed well, otherwise it won't set up correctly, and it will always remain sticky/tacky. To prepare it, mix it in a plastic cup and use a plastic spoon so that your can just throw them away when you're done. This stuff doesn't come off most surfaces easily, and it's a pain to try to clean. Also, don't mix it until right when you are going to use it, or else it could begin to harden before you are ready for it!

Step 4: After your acrylic resin is mixed well (it will probably be a little bubbly), use the plastic spoon and drizzle it over the paper/washer. I use the spoon to sort of nudge and guide it to the edges of my surface. If you put too much, it will spill over the edges, but once it dries and hardens, you should be able to remove it by sanding it down. You'll want to do this step on an old pie tin or a cookie sheet. I cover mine with tin foil, again, so that I can just throw it away when I'm finished & I don't have to worry about ruining any table tops or anything.

Step 5: Let the washer dry completely. It can take up to 12 hours. If it is still sticky after this amount of time, it probably means that it wasn't well mixed enough, and in this case, it won't ever set up! Once it is dried, it gives a hard, glass-looking, shiny finish!

Attach the pendant to a necklace/chain! You can find lots of options at most craft stores.


Amazing tutorial Brittany! Thank you so much. I for one can't wait to hit the craft store to pick up some supplies so I can get started on making some pendant necklaces for me and my girls. Be sure to check in next How To'sday for another amazing tutorial, this time from Melissa Dehne.

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