How To'sday | Monogram Button Frame by Jana Paddington

Here's a fun how to post from the talented Jana Paddington. This would be a stunning addition to baby nursery, your kids room decor, or even a unique way to display your monogram in your home.


I am so in love with this idea and as soon as I saw it, I just had to share with Kristy to see if she thought it might be appropriate for a How To’sDay! Although I wish I were the one who had dreamed up this adorable framed monogram idea, I must confess that I actually saw on the blog of an incredibly-talented shoe designer’s blog that I follow (just for little still my heart). In case any of you missed it, here’s my take on this adorable idea!

My daughter’s bedroom walls are completely bare. I know, it’s embarrassing, but she didn’t even have a room ready for her until she was six months old, so I figure it’s great that she at least has her very own walls to be bare in the first place! When I saw this fun project, I nearly fell out of my chair. Perfect! Something crafty that I can customize for her bedroom that’s oh-so-cute, not to mention, I have enough buttons and brads to last a lifetime. What a great way to use up my stash (ahem, Melodee, now I could use some more)!

Materials needed:

I started off by jumping into Word and printing out the capital letter J in a font style and size that was going to work with my frame. I had purchased this 8x10 frame about two years ago, so it’s about time I found a use for it. A shadow box would work great too, as I had to actually frame the finished product without the glass.

The font I chose was Cooper Black, and if you can believe it, size 800. I printed out the J and then cut it out so that I could trace it onto my white cardstock. Be careful if you use black ink to print out your letter as it may smudge. Next time I’ll pick a lighter colour. :)

In retrospect, I wish I had dotted the line as the solid pencil line that I did took an extra long time to hide with the gems, etc. Once you put the buttons and brads onto the project, it’s tough to get in there with an eraser.

Next fill your traced letter in with your choice of buttons, brads, gems and/or pearls. I started with the biggest buttons and then filled in all the blank spaces around them with smaller buttons until there wasn’t any more room to stick a button. Then I went to town with my brads. Basically, wherever there was a spot to stick a brad in, I stuck it. Lastly, I went around the edges and did my best to cover up my pencil line with self-adhering gems and pearls that I applied with tweezers (it really made it easier to place them properly).

Once I was satisfied that I had filled in all the spaces that needed to be filled, I removed the glass and framed my finished product. I just love how it turned out!


Jana, thank you so much for sharing this amazing idea with us! I think this is one of the cutest things I've ever seen and I can't wait to create one for each of my girls.

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