How To'sday: Scraproom Organization, Part II

Good morning everyone! I'm so thrilled about part II of our scrap space organization series. I have had such a great week trying to incorporate some of the fabulous ideas that were shared with us last week and I can't wait to keep improving the flow of my working space by implementing some of this weeks ideas.

This week we will start off by taking a peek into Heather Gray's working paradise and the ideas that she has to make our work areas more effective.

Heather Gray

Here are some photos of my craft room. I have the Expedit shelves from Ikea with cubbies for organizing paper, albums, stamps, and embellishments.

I just added the over the door shoe organizer for my punches because I now have too many to just sit on the desk!

I have a couple different ways to organize my ribbon. In the closet, my husband took out the regular bars and put in small dowel rods to hang the ribbon on.

But now that I have *more* ribbon, I bought some pants hangers to put spools on.

And the ribbon that is not on a spool goes in one of the cubbies.

I created some cheap stickle storage out of a cardboard box.

Joanna Alcock

My husband and I built my scrap space out of closet storage components from Home Depot and white melamine-coated MDF. It’s fantastic, as all of my supplies are at hand.

I love the little cubby cabinet and I sort all my brad’s into the plastic nesting jars, which were $1 each at our local dollar store.

It was a lot of work, but we were able to keep it low budget by building most of it ourselves.

Thanks for letting me share!

Julie Koets

Here are some photos of how I organize my scrappy stash. The first photo is my favorite feature of my scrappy space---my peg board wall installed by my wonderfully handy hubby. I love organizing my stash and can't wait to fill it up!

I use an IKEA curtain wire to hang stickers, embellishments, etc. I don't have space for a clip-it-up, so this is the next best thing. It's so much easier to be crafty when I can see my supplies!

Just remember when installing peg board, don't put the board directly onto the wall, but put 1" strips of wood behind it to set it away from the wall to make room for those little pegs/hooks to go in.

My other organizing system involves ribbon. I must say that clothespins are the way to go! I found 100 old fashioned clothespins for $10 and spent an evening in front of the television transferring my ribbon from bulky spools to these neat little pins. Just secure the end with a little straight pin and you can dig through your stash without having all of your ribbon unwind. My bin wouldn't even hold all the tangled spools that I had, but now that they are on pins, I have plenty of room and may just need to "steal" more ribbon! Now I'm thinking my storage bin doesn't do all these beautiful ribbons justice and am thinking about putting them in a big apothecary glass jar!

Karen Weingartner

Some of my tips:

-I am a clean freak and don't like clutter so I try to keep most of my stuff in my drawers or bins.

-I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my label maker and label the outside of every drawer and bin in my craft room.

-I love the storage containers I use for my brads, buttons, and other small embellishments. They hinge from the bottom-up (which prevent spills when opening), are easy to open, and close securely.

-I love the recessed surface of my desk with the glass top. I keep "work in progress" under the glass- easy to see and protected from dust.

Most of my furniture is from IKEA. My storage items are from IKEA, Target, and The Container Store.

Kristen Carter

So I have LOTS of ideas for organizing, but my biggest was getting my paper sorted by color. I had my step dad make boxes for me with shelves in them to stack and sort my paper. The boxes fit perfectly in my goodwill store find metal cabinet (paid $2 for the cabinet and another $6 for the aqua spray paint).

I'm the type of scrapper that goes by color not manufacturer, so as soon as I bring something new home, it gets opened and sorted. All my buttons & brads are in jars & containers in the windowsill, all my chipboard goes in a shoebox on the shelf and ribbons are in a basket that pulls out of one of the shelves you see on my craft table (also built by my step dad and painted by me).

The last photo is how I store all my alphas & stickers. I bought a catalog rack on ebay and put 8 1/2 x 11 page protectors & baseball card protectors inside it then stacked my alphas by color also. There are dividers between sections and I know when I'm running low on particular colors just by flipping through the rack. My stickers are also sorted the same way by theme.

I don't have a photo of it, but another thing that I do to scrapbook faster is as soon as my photos come back from shutterfly or costco, I sort them according to page layouts and write my journaling on an index card. Photos and card get slipped inside a small envelope and they're put in a photo box ready to scrap when I am. If I have a few extra minutes one day and no new photos, I'll pull out a few envelopes, sketch a quick layout plan or drop in one that I've printed (a MWM perhaps) and put it back in the box. A few minutes here & there and all I have to do when I have an actual block of scrappy time is pull some paper & embellis and put the layout together. A HUGE timesaver!

Lisa Anderson

Here are close ups of how I like to keep things sorted and organized.

Thank you ladies for sharing your amazing tips with us! We have six more creative spaces lined up to take a peek at next week. If you haven't had a chance to send in your ideas and would like to see your tips featured in our final week of Scraproom Organization How To'sday tips then please feel free to send them along to

Be sure to check in tomorrow at 9AM for the final sketch installment in our Ruby Club and to see what the amazing prize is that will be up for grabs to one lucky Ruby Club member.

Have a happy How To'sday!

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