Surprise! The Silhouette is BACK!

Can you believe it? I don't want to ruin any surprises for tomorrow morning, but I just can't hold it in any longer. The Silhouette is BACK. And get this....Melodee rocked her amazing buying powers and guess what WE have for you? Not only the amazing Silhouette bundle that we offered last time, but we've got a huge vinyl kit, an awesome "tool" kit, a heat transfer kit with glitter and flocked transfer material...........and...........the brand NEW heat transfer fabric interfacing that was just released TWO weeks ago! Can you believe that? I know! I'm still trying to wrap my head around it as well. :) Melodee, you deserve a big chocolate cake for that one.

Well you know me, I had to play with the new products that we will be offering tomorrow. I mean, what's a girl to do, when this fun new stuff is just begging to be used? Let me show you what I've had fun making this week.

To begin, I told my 13 year old that had just bought some *boy* sweats on clearance for $3.00 that she needed to let me make them pretty for her. I turned her loose and had her choose a font and a design from my Silhouette library that she'd like to have on the leg of her pants.

She chose a basic font which I welded together using the Silhouette software. Don't forget if you are transferring letters to your project to flip them horizontally prior to cutting so that they are correct for applying.

The key to making the heat transfer work without a hitch is to really apply some pressure when ironing the image. The backing should peel off without any trouble.

We cut out a layered flower using smooth glitter, smooth purple and the flocked white heat transfer.

We started with the purple layer and then added the glitter layer on top.

We then added the center of the flower which was cut from the same flocked white as we used on the letters.

She was a hit at school and had a lot of compliments. :)

Another daughter was feeling a little left out of the heat transferring fun so we added her name to her back pack.

I wanted to make something for myself as well, since I truly love the look of the glitter heat transfer material. I decided to make a new running shirt for myself, to hopefully inspire me to actually get running. (Why is it that new clothes seem to make life a little more exciting all around?)

I even added some wings on the back of my shirt. I may need a little help to fly since tomorrow I'm signing up for a half marathon which is next month! Eeek!

After having an absolute blast making some "custom designed" clothing I had to play with the fabric interfacing. Oh. My. Word. WHAT A DREAM! I cannot say enough good about this product and the unlimited options that it has brought to the Silhouette. I've never been a quilter, but I can only imagine the fun it would be to cut out shapes and make a quilt. But I get ahead of myself.....

I had so many ideas, and let's face it....not enough interfacing. :)

My original thought was to make a St. Patty's Day wreath for my front door. I ended up running out of fabric mid-project, but I still want to show you the photos of how the process works.

First you iron the appropriate size of interfacing on to the back of your fabric.

Next you cut the fabric back to the edge of the interfacing. Cut the fabric to the appropriate size of your design and then remove the paper backing. Apply the fabric to the Silhouette cutting mat, and send to cut. I did a double cut on all of my fabric designs and it worked like a charm.

I cut a layered design out of another fabric then ironed the two pieces together. The adhesive on the back of the interfacing gives the fabric a temporary hold to allow you to either hand or machine stitch the pieces into place, thus my incredible urge to learn how to quilt!

Now I just need to get some more fabric so I can finish my project. ;)

When I was thinking of innovative ways to combine some of the products I thought of how much fun it would be to cut flowers out of fabric and adhere them to my wall in combination with some vinyl.

I cut out three flowers, each with three layers.

I love this design because when sewn together they are 3 dimensional, rather than flat.

I alternated the patterns of fabric on each of the layers so that the three flowers are all a tad different.

I must's LOVE!

I had to create one more thing, combining the fabric interfacing and the heat transfer kits. I wanted to make a little something special for a special little girl.

A blingy cuppy cake purse for none other than the face of KidSteals....Miss Jane!

If you're curious of some other projects and ideas that are made with the Silhouette, be sure to check out the blog post that I made last time we featured the Silhouette. You can find it here!

Good luck Stealing tomorrow! May all of your Silhouette dreams come true. <3

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