Love is in the air.

Valentines Day. The day of chocolate and flowers, hearts and kisses. The day of love. Do you know what I love? I love how well My Minds Eye always captures the essence of Valentines Day and pretty much knocks it out of the park with astonishingly cute stuff! For today's Steal, you have the choice of one of THREE My Minds Eye Valentine collections.

When I found out that Melodee had performed her Rock Star duties yet again, and managed to get The State of the Heart collection I begged her to put it on a Friday so that I could create a fun Valentines project with it.

I was asking Lisa what she thought would be a fun idea to create and she said she'd seen somewhere, where someone had made a "bouquet" of hearts. I was thinking along the same lines with a heart wreath, but decided I liked the idea of a table topper much better.

....and so the heart boquet was born.

For this project you will need the following items.

* The State of the Heart paper collection, or other Valentines papers

* Wooden Dowels

* Spray Paint

* Poly Fil, or Quilt Batting

* Flower Arrangement Foam

* Ribbon

* Misc. Embellishments

* Vase

First off I cut out 12 hearts using my Silhouette. I also cut out 12 slightly larger versions of the hearts out of cardstock to back the patterned paper hearts on to. I then inked the edges of the patterned paper hearts. Note: If you don't have access to a die cutting system, tracing a heart cookie cutter would work great!

Next up was having a little fun with the spray paint. For just one teeny tiny moment today, I was grateful for snow. It sure made an easy stand for holding my dowels to spray paint and when Mother Nature decides to warm up my mess will melt away! For the time being, my boys think it's ultra groovy that we have gold snow. :)

I used glue dots to secure into place the patterned paper heart on top of the cardstock heart. I did the same process for all 12 hearts. I wanted to give my hearts a little dimension so I decided that I would try filling them with stuffing. Cotton balls would likely work for this as well as a thin layer of quilt batting. For my hearts, this is about how much filling I used in each of them.

Next I brushed off about an inch of dust from my sewing machine and set to work sewing the two hearts together with the fluff in the middle. (I'm also going to admit something here. I don't know how to sew. I bought my machine guessed it...scrapbooking). :)

Note! Be sure to leave a small opening in the bottom of the heart to insert the wooden dowel.

To hold the heart into place, I added two mini glue dots to the top of the dowel. I then gave the dowel a twist so that the glue dots could adhere to the paper allowing the heart to be secured to the dowel.

I then inked the edges of the cardstock and trimmed the areas where the paper didn't quite match up. Then came the fun part! Decorating.

Now for you floral arrangers out there, don't laugh too much at the foam that I purchased. I didn't realize what I bought was for keeping flowers hydrated. I just liked the way it squished! I cut off a chunk and shoved it down into the bottom of my vase.

I then arranged the dowels in the foam.

I decorated both sides of the hearts so that from any angle something fun is sure to be seen. Here are a few closeups of the odds and ends of embellishments that I used.

Lastly I turned to my button stash to create a border around the rim of the vase. I thought this was a fun way to add a little uniqueness to my project.

I'm so in LOVE with how this Friday's project turned out. It wouldn't have been the same without The State of the Heart, that's for sure. :)

Have a LOVE-LY weekend everyone! Be safe. Have fun.

Scrap happy!

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